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Using a modular, plug-and-play antenna network, you put the coverage where you need it. With an expansive antenna fan-out per reader, and no need for network hub control or power cables, our hardware cost is up to 70% less than other real-time inventory and asset tracking systems.

Clairvoyant s1 reader

S1 Reader

  • Best dense reader performance in the industry.
  • Discrete radio delivers higher performance than chip-based readers
  • 8 radio ports, 40 microsecond on-to-on antenna switch time, and up to 1,200 tags per second
  • -92dBm max sensitivity
  • Linux-based system allows user applications in Java, Python, or C (SDKs provided)
  • Secure Edge Server Cryptographic Functionality on reader with the Crypto Toolbox
  • Real-time detailed visibility into data capture for quick and easy optimization in more difficult site plans with the RAIN Toolbox
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Clairvoyant h1 hub

H1 Hub

  • Nestable hubs enable readers to cover a much larger area, reducing cost to end users
  • Less wiring and fewer cables required than traditional systems
  • Accepting up to 33dBm but requiring just 20dBm input activation power, H1 has insertion loss of just 1.6dB
  • Optional mounts allow customers to install exactly where needed, even in challenging spaces
Clairvoyant a1 antenna

A1 Antenna

  • 7.5dBi circularly polarized patch antenna
  • IP67 rated, suitable for outdoor installation
  • Small-size and flexible mounting options available
  • Optional accessories include mounting brackets, cable adaptors, and cable assemblies in a variety of lengths and low-loss cable types
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