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About Us

Clairvoyant Technology focuses on the fundamental design challenges facing pervasive adoption of RAIN RFID. We strive to continually push the cost-performance envelope for logistics, supply chain, inventory management, transportation, retail, and the Internet of Everything.


The mission of Clairvoyant Technology is to solve the dense reader problem across all verticals by offering a cost-effective, user-friendly, and dependable product.


To make RAIN RFID easily deployable.

Our Story

Clairvoyant Technology was founded in 2010 on two core beliefs:

  1. The existing technology in RAIN RFID readers is the dominant limiting factor to adoption
  2. Current vendors are not effectively addressing these limitations of cost and performance

We are working on RFID reader technology suitable for pervasive deployment and looks to address the problems with prevailing market products. We believe that RAIN RFID will one day impact society so greatly that it will become interwoven into daily life where users won’t even register its use. Our company consists of talented individuals that aim to provide products that will continue to grow and change how RAIN technology is used.

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Clairvoyant Technology
3622 Lyckan Parkway
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