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RAIN Inventory Acquisition System

Best Performing RAIN RFID Asset Tracking Solution at a Fraction of the Cost

The easiest installation in the industry. Unbeatable solution costs. Flawless dense reader performance. Your best solution for real-time asset tracking and inventory management is here.
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What is RAIN RFID?

RAIN RFID is a global alliance promoting the universal adoption of UHF (Ultra-High Frequency) RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. Electronic readers are used to wirelessly collect information from tagged items using radio waves. The information is then stored, managed and shared through the internet.

Benefits of RAIN RFID

Lower Cost

  • Cut down on current costs while maintaining eyes on all products
  • UHF's longer read range translates into fewer readers and lower costs
  • Passive tags do not require their own power source, so upkeep requires no batteries or manpower

Real-Time Locating

  • Each item is tracked and monitored so its whereabouts and condition is known at all times
  • Instant updates and real-time reporting across stockrooms, greenhouses, stores, ship docks and more
  • Find items quickly and efficiently to prevent transport delays or stalled sales

Inventory Management

  • Manage replenishment with automated quantity tracking to exactly match quantities needed
  • Immediately review updated inventory quantities upon fulfillment to ensure complete delivery
  • Quicker, more efficient shelf replenishment results in more sales

Supply Chain Management

  • Guarantee product authenticity and condition via blockchain technology
  • Individualized EPCs validate that the actual product received is the authentic product promised
  • Any tampering or environmental changes can be recorded for review immediately upon delivery


  • Enables reuse of packaging materials and tags
  • Tags do not require own power source so can be used limitlessly
  • Keep tabs on pallets, totes, and other reusable supplies to reduce waste
The Best Dense Reader Performance in the Industry

Clairvoyant’s Telepathy S1 RFID reader is ideal for industrial IoT, warehouses, supply chain dock doors, or any application demanding high throughput and dense coverage.

Telepathy RFID

Solving the Dense Reader Problem

When two or more RAIN readers are positioned closely together, their signals may interfere with each other when communicating with tags. This interference results in inaccurate or jumbled readings. However, when readers are positioned too far away from each other, there may be gaps in coverage if they can’t produce enough power to reach tags. Clairvoyant’s goal is to create a product that tackles this problem at a fraction of the cost of current reader solutions on the market.

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What Makes Clairvoyant Readers Better?


Our readers sense tags more efficiently because they don’t need as much power to interpret the backscatter. This technology results in smaller readers that are more economical for users.


With a faster scan rate, every item is always accounted for. Users will never miss a product being loaded or unloaded at the dock doors, improving loss prevention and inventory accuracy.


Each reader's transmit power is kept within its own channel allowing for denser reader placement and increased bandwidth. Unread gaps can be eliminated with nearby readers that won't jam.


Heightened ability to filter out other readers and tag channels eliminates interference between readers. Tags are read efficiently with better accuracy and fewer misfires.

Cryptographic Functionality

With Clairvoyant Technology’s Crypto Toolbox, S1 is the industry’s first Secure RFID Edge Server, with on-board cryptographic functions to implement strong authentication, encryption, and tag traceability natively on the reader in real-time.

RAIN Toolbox

Clairvoyant Technology’s Rain Toolbox provides solution developers with unparalleled visibility into the RFID data capture process as it happens over the air.

Hardware & Software Advantages

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    Nesting Hubs
    Hubs enable readers to cover a much larger area resulting in a lower total cost to users
  • Icon cable gold
    Fewer Cables
    Systems are easier and cheaper to install without wires and cables crisscrossing everywhere
  • Icon screw gold
    Optional Mounts
    Mounting hardware allows customers to install exactly where needed, even in challenging spaces
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    Discrete Radio
    Higher performance than chip-based readers results in a more accurate and reliable system
  • Icon software gold
    Software can be tweaked to integrate into any vertical and to use with all RAIN industry standard middleware
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    Dense Reader Capable
    Pairs with any other dense reader without worrying about interference, or works as a standalone
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