RAIN Inventory Acquisition System

RAIN RFID Asset Tracking at a Fraction of the Cost

The easiest installation in the industry. Unbeatable hardware costs. Flawless dense reader performance. Your cost-effective solution for real-time asset tracking and inventory management is here.

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Telepathy is a high performance, self-configuring RAIN RFID scanning system

Using a modular, plug-and-play antenna network, you put the coverage where you need it. With an expansive antenna fan-out per reader, and no need for network hub control or power cables, Telepathy’s hardware cost is up to 70% less than other real-time inventory and asset tracking systems.

Telepathy SCAN

Clairvoyant’s S1 RFID reader features industry standard interfaces and seamless inventory operation. With 8 radio ports, 40 microsecond on-to-on antenna switch time, and up to 1,200 tags per second, S1 has the raw horsepower for your fixed reader or antenna network infrastructure, at 40% less than comparable RFID readers. And with -85dBm max sensitivity, you’ll find every tag.

Telepathy EXPAND

Clairvoyant’s H1 antenna hub expands the range and density of your RFID interrogation zone. H1 is a passive, 8-port antenna hub requiring no separate controller or wiring… just plug it into an S1 reader or integrate with your existing RFID readers. Accepting up to 33dBm but requiring just 20dBm input activation power, H1 has insertion loss of just 1.6dB, allowing nesting hubs for vast antenna fan-out.

Telepathy CONNECT

Connect your RFID end points with Clairvoyant’s portfolio of RFID reader antennas. Whether you need an inconspicuous, low profile overhead, a plenum rated concealed, shelf, portal, ruggedized, or other antenna type, we have the right fit. We also offer cable assemblies and/or coaxial adaptors to connect H1 or S1 to any RF connector, allowing a clean retrofit to existing installation.

Snap Connector
RFID System Installation is a SNAP! with Telepathy

Telepathy antenna networks are connected using FAKRA radio port connectors and cable assemblies. FAKRA ports are high performance (1.2 max VSWR), locking, push-on connectors with easy thumb tab release. FAKRA connectors save time, minimize errors, and make interconnecting Telepathy RFID readers, hubs, and antennas easy. Adaptors are available to match common third-party RF connectors.

Telepathy RFID

Flawless Dense Reader Performance

Clairvoyant’s S1 RFID reader features a patented radio architecture and sophisticated modem with channel aggregation, yielding up to 750 tags per second throughput in FCC dense reader deployments. Sensitivity is -80dBm while under -10dBm adjacent or co-channel jamming. S1 has the sensitivity, linearity, and throughput you need for flawless dense reader performance, at an entry level price.

RFID System Configuration Made Simple

The S1 RFID reader provides industry standard RM, LLRP, RCI middleware interfaces for easy integration. SDK’s are available in Java, C#, and .NET. Infrastructure management is a breeze with profile copying and cloning, and firmware updates can be pushed or pulled, whichever your IT management prefers. Quick start software is available to connect and control Telepathy for easy evaluation. Clairvoyant provides installation tools for large scale infrastructure, when location specific report field are desired. Our quick start software allows profile configuration for advanced location-based filtering applications. And S1 provides an embedded Linux environment for your edge server applications.

Telepathy RFID

True Real-Time Asset Tracking at a Low Cost

Telepathy RFID antenna networks scale to fit your needs. Whether you need the raw data acquisition speed of a fixed reader deployment, or the extremely low cost of a high fan-out antenna network, you can inventory your entire facility in seconds to hours, depending on your mix of readers and hubs. And Telepathy’s antenna network is plug-and-play, so add hubs and antennas where you need them to get the real-time coverage you want at a lower price than you’d expect.

RFID Made in USA
Engineered and Assembled in the USA

Clairvoyant RFID products are proudly designed, engineered, tested, and assembled in the USA.

Real-Time Asset and Inventory Management

The Telepathy S1 Scanner is ideal for high throughput applications yet can be easily expanded with hubs and antennas to adapt to almost any RFID application.

Telepathy RFID

User Installable, User Expandable

Telepathy antenna networks are true plug-and-play. The S1 reader automatically detects when H1 hubs and antennas are added or removed. S1’s default inventory algorithm traverses the antenna network, discovering hubs and antennas automatically to provide uniform, real time coverage without any special tools or configuration. Just snap the network together. S1 can even provide feedback while you’re installing the network using any of its industry standard interfaces, including the web server, so the most novice user can pull up the reader’s webpage and view the antenna map and insertion loss to each H1 dynamically as installation proceeds. Designed so you can focus on your tasks, not radio engineering.

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