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Clairvoyant Technology is focused on overcoming the core technological hurdles facing wide-scale adoption of RAIN RFID, sensor networks, and the Internet of Things. Clairvoyant Technology has an extensive, broad-based patent portfolio that is available for licensing. With our IP, reference designs, and proprietary Telepathy™ software suite, we offer a wide variety of licensing opportunities that will place your company at the forefront of next generation technology solutions. We offer licensing on hardware and software solutions that provide disruptive technology for passive RAIN RFID and sensor networks. Clairvoyant is driving RAIN scanners to an all-digital/software format that offer higher performance, smaller form factor, and substantially lower hardware and installation costs.

Clairvoyant Technology offers disruptive technology solutions for logistics, supply chain, retail, AVI, parking and the Internet of Everything. We have a wide portfolio of hardware and software based algorithms available for license to OEMs. Our intellectual property includes:

  • Location tracking of nodes within a network as a software function over RFID hardware –
    • Works with standard readers, tags, and antennas
    • Extremely accurate position and velocity tracking in Rician channel environments
    • Accuracy is limited by K-factor which can be controlled in many applications
    • Low computational complexity with tunable computation vs. accuracy
  • Inverse synthetic aperture radar integrated as a software function over RFID hardware
    • Works with standard readers and antennas
    • Does not use modulated backscatter from tags; works with untagged objects
    • Broad applications such as
      • counter-measure deterrence in electronic article surveillance systems,
      • people counting in retail environments,
      • eliminates PIR or ultrasonic motion detection triggers in portals and choke points
  • Embedded software defined radio algorithms to reduce RFID reader cost –
    • Efficient reflected carrier estimation with reduced cost hardware
    • Efficient transmitter modulation synthesis for Gen2/ISO-18000-6 readers
    • Improved software transmitter modulation techniques for low cost, high power efficiency RFID reader hardware