RFID Research
Clairvoyant Technology develops solutions to the current challenges facing large scale adoption of RAIN RFID. Through our extensive development of patented technology, we offer a wide variety of next generation RAIN RFID scanner solutions that can place your company in a disruptive position within the RAIN RFID industry. We create or enhance disruptive RAIN scanner products that are higher performance, while at the same time provide substantially lower hardware and installation costs than the competition. With our IP and proprietary Telepathy™ software suites, Clairvoyant remains in a unique position to assist your company.

Clairvoyant Technology provides system architecture, modeling, high level and detailed design documentation, implementation, and optimization to enhance or create your project. Clairvoyant has extensive expertise and resources for Matlab based model driven design. We have deep expertise in embedded software development in C, C++, and assembly language. Clairvoyant has a rich set of software and hardware tools available to enhance or create your engineering project.

  • An extensive Matlab stack including
    • RF Toolbox
    • Signal Processing Toolbox,
    • DSP System Toolbox
    • Fuzzy Logic Toolbox
    • Optimization Toolbox
    • Fixed Point Toolbox
  • A substantial library of custom software for interfacing Matlab, C programs, and test instruments through Automation, COM, and LXI
  • Embedded software tools for ARM processors and industry standard DSPs from Texas Instruments and Analog Devices
  • A full engineering test and development lab featuring Keysight test equipment
  • A PCB rework and prototyping station capable of component sizes down to 0201