Clairvoyant Technology North Carolina
Clairvoyant Technology LLC (a RAIN RFID Member Company) was formed in 2010 by Dr. Thomas J. Frederick. After pioneering work on product portfolios at RFID vanguards Sensormatic, SAMsys, and Sirit, Dr. Frederick formed Clairvoyant to focus on the fundamental design challenges facing wide-scale adoption of RAIN RFID. These challenges can be summarized in one line:

The industry needs a low cost, easy to use, densely deployable RAIN reader.

Today’s RAIN reader market is a dichotomy of offerings:
(1) Low cost readers which cannot operate effectively in dense deployments, or
(2) High cost readers which can.

End users want reader technology that is inexpensive; just pennies per square foot of coverage. End users want readers that can be installed by a semi-skilled technician. End users want real-time asset and inventory visibility.

After some years of fundamental research on better architectures driven by scalable software defined radio technology, Clairvoyant has found the next way forward. The core of the design is a family of patents on a new RAIN compliant signaling technique and associated digital transmitter. Patented transmitter synthesis and receiver designs complete the solution for a RAIN reader which can be driven down in cost, power, and size. As RAIN tags proliferate throughout our lives, from logistics, manufacturing, and retail space today, to home automation and smart cities tomorrow, Clairvoyant’s reader design will become as ubiquitous as our cell phones, allowing you to interact with the objects around you as seamlessly and transparently as if they were not even there.

Our technology helps “Clarify Your Vision” in logistics, supply chain, inventory management, transportation, retail, and the Internet of Everything.


  • We push the envelope in RAIN reader design.
  • We provide the industry with a path forward, breaking the cost-performance barrier that is holding back wider scale reader deployment.
  • We innovate the next big thing.

  • In ten years there will be RAIN tags connecting more things to the Internet of Everything than all other technologies combined. Your refrigerator will know when you’re out of milk. Your microwave will know how to cook whatever you put in. Your clothes washer will tell you you’ve mixed delicates with linens. Your phone will tell you where your glasses are, if the lights are on upstairs, or if someone left the back door open. Clairvoyant Technology will be everywhere, and you won’t need to think about it.